Friday, October 9, 2015

So, THAT moment in time ...

was followed by THIS moment in time ...

Tuesday night was slated to be crazy.  I was dreading it from the moment I woke up.  It was a busy day at work, it was the day I had to get my flu shot in between the busyness at work.  Immediately following work (actually overlapping it) I was taking a CPR class that would last until 8:00 PM.  Following that, I had to make a salad for a pot luck the following day.  Yes, I had to.  I'd signed up for it.  And I'm that girl, that HAS to follow through.  And after that ... Rick wanted to go out to dinner.  But I had laundry to do.  Plus I had to begin the second round of food I was creating for the week.  I had another pot luck at a bunco party the next day and I knew there was just as little time on the day following.

I did survive it all ... but only because I was mile off on all of my days/times/minutes/weeks/even years, probably.  I went to bed at 2:00 AM after nearly completing every task.  Nearly.

I did get my flu shot ... about an hour late.  I was late because I managed to get LOST on my way back from lunch.  LOST.   L.O.S.T.   I have since learned that it's not wise to just follow the car ahead of you and turn where they turn.  They just might not be headed to where you're headed.  Yes, I'm that girl.  And after the flu shot finally, I headed to the CPR class which was nowhere to be found.  I guess it was lost, too.  Turns out that that CPR class is TWO MORE WEEKS AWAY.  Not even a straight two weeks... two weeks and two days.  I was that much off.

And ... when I got to work the next day, everyone wanted to know where I was headed with all that food.  Why would they all be asking, I wondered.  BECAUSE THE POT LUCK IS NEXT WEEK.

And now I had enough food for an army (because I'm THAT girl) and nothing to do with it.  The gal in the front office, though, was only too happy to join me for lunch.

The rest of the week was crazy crazy, too ... but at least everything there came to pass.  You know that Bunco pot luck I had to go to?  They had a great salad waiting for them.  Yes, I did.  I made that dang thing last for two more days.  And, oddly enough, I got compliments on my salad.  Go figure.

It's Friday now and the craziness of the week has begun to calm down.  Until tonight, that is.  I'm prepping for a garage sale tomorrow.  Because I'm that girl.  The stupid one.

Ya know what, though?  On my way home from Bunco last night ... I had some terrific news.  Made EVERYTHING worth it!  

I can't wait to share this news with you!

But I will.

* to be continued *

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