Saturday, October 10, 2015

another day in the life of ...

So ... what was that news?

I've had a moment or two to process it and let it sink in so I'm okay to share it now.  So here goes.

Remember this?

Or this?

Or her?

Maybe you remember her?

Oh, wait, you never met her.  Well, you did.  But you don't know that you did.  Well, you don't know that you ... skip it.


Well, that coke can showed up the day I thought I found my biological mother.  That same week, my plant died.  That was a plant from my father's (my adopted father's) funeral.  I tied it all together thinking that the plant that I received when I lost my adopted father died at the exact same time that I found my biological father.

Or so I thought.

I took 2 DNA tests that came out negative and the girl in the next photo (not the girl in the wee photo on the bottom) interviewed me to see if I would be a candidate for a TV show, "Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx."  Apparently I was because the girl in the next photo (also not the girl in the wee photo on the bottom) interviewed me a second time to present to her producer.  

That TV show asked for a photo of me as a baby.  

That's ME in the bonnet.  I was new to this world.  I was stylin'.


I heard nothing for quite awhile, despite my texts and inqiries and attempts to connect with that girl in those pictures with me in the wee bottom.  She seemed to have vanished.  She was not returning my texts/messages.  

I gave up and wrote her off.

And ... just as I wrote her off, someone else from the TV show called me.  Three times!  Someone really wanted to reach me!

We are moving forward with my story and I was told that I am still in the running.  My story is "potentially solvable" and they are just waiting for the "green light".

And with that, I am now having a background check and signing releases to allow "shooting" in my very own house.  Imagine the neighbor's faces when a news truck is on our street.  Wait, not a news truck.  This ain't news.  Well, not to anyone else anyway.  But imagine a film crew on little ol' Creek Point.  I can't wait to pretend I know nothing about it.

So, that's my news.

I may, just may, get to meet my biological mother and my mysterious biological brother.

I had thought this man was my dad ...

... and this gal was my sister.

And this one, too.

In fact, I was convinced this one was my twin.

Shut up.

BUT ... there are new people out there to discover.  New people to see if I'm twins with.  New people who have wills hearts that I can try to get into.    

And, of course, new people to protect my own will heart from.

Stay tuned.  

Gotta have a background check first.  

I hope they don't find that body that I've buried.


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