Monday, October 12, 2015


I signed some contracts, I submitted some photographs, I agreed to shut my mouth.  I will now go backwards in time (aka ... these posts) and remove the name of that show.  That may or may not be the name of the show anyway... but heck, just in case, I need to remove it from this blog.

I'll keep y'all posted ... as best I can ... as safely as I can ... but I am now under a gag order.  Well, there's no gag in my mouth ... but there might as well be.

So what else is new?

I baked a cake tonight.
I did some laundry tonight.
I watched some dancers tonight.

And I signed some contracts, too.  I ain't never done that before.  Oh wait.  I did once before.

Once upon a time, yours truly was on a different TV show.  I need to haul out that old videotape and see if it still makes me laugh.

I got the last laugh, though ... it got me a husband.    I'll leave it at that.

wink wink


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