Wednesday, October 21, 2015



First, my daughter, my pride and joy, is thriving in California. She'll be starting her Disneyland job tomorrow, then a job with a film-convention-movie makers-thing fell into her lap. Then a job with our former church in Glendora fell into her lap followed by an internship with a Classic TV company and THEN HER DREAM JOB FELL INTO HER LAP, today!!  Neither of us can keep track of it all. 

But if you think THAT makes my head spin, THIS will keep it turning in circles for a week ...

The producer of THAT show called me with a date for our shoot. It was a TWO HOUR LONG CALL!!   TWO. HOURS.  My hand was numb by the end of it. So was my ear. So was my brain.

Said producer had me repeat my story, which I did. Said producer had me tell him all about my house, which I did.  Said producer then announced that he and a crew of ten men were coming to my house ... in three weeks!!!!  Actually in 2 1/2 weeks!!!  How quickly can I get my house cleaned??  Um, more importantly, how quickly can I lose 50 pounds???

I was asked a ton of questions and I answered them all.  Hopefully I answered them correctly. I didn't screw up too badly because they were still planning on coming by the end of our call. Whew!

I was very upbeat (I wanted this!) and kept telling him how it didn't matter what my results were, I just wanted answers.  Let me jump ahead here and say that the phone call ended with him saying, "You sound great but ... I need to let you know that we are going to dig deeper and you are going to feel a lot of emotions that you are not expecting to feel."  He stressed that twice.  I then began to think that my story wasn't going to have the happiest of endings, like I am imagining.  He wanted to know what I was expecting ... and I said that I could just see her.  From inside of a room.  And she's pretty (okay, I know she's 75...) and she'll like me and we'll be friends.  Something like that.  Then he wanted to know the worst case scenario... I said, that she wouldn't want anything to do with me.  Afterwards, I began to think that I just might have the worst case scenario.  It IS TV after all.  They want scenes that keep people watching.

He never gave me any hint that he knew something, but I know he did.  He does.  And I'm sure they've already contacted "her" because they wouldn't have a show if there's a mom that doesn't want to be found.

So what did I learn in the middle parts of the call?  That they will be at my house in a couple of weeks.  We are slated to shoot on November 9th through November 14th.  It's a FIVE DAY SHOOT.  I'm only needed for 1 1/2 days though ... so, um, who'll they be shooting for the other 3 1/2?  My dog??  

They do want to interview Rick, too.  I get that.  But hey, he better not be stealing the show!!

One more thing ... they also want to shoot us (that sounds terrible) at a local hangout, someplace where we always go.  I froze up at that.  WHERE DO I GO???  I don't go anywhere.  I don't do anything!  Help!!

Elizabeth came up with the answer.  She said, "Hey, you go to Sonic a lot."  Oh yeah.  We'll sit in my car, sipping Sonic drinks, with the camera man in the back seat shooting.  Sure.

 *** to be continued ***    

 *** but only because I'm tired right now ***
 *** not that I'll be able to sleep ****


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