Thursday, October 29, 2015

these boots are made for walkin'...

The crickets are resting, the front of my house has had a face lift and my bushes have had a scalping.  My daughter is feeling better and I'm a jittery mess.  The closer my house-invasion gets, the jitterier my nerves get.

I'm in good spirits, though.  Exceptionally good spirits.

I've prepared myself the best that I can.  I think.  I've spoken to my pastor, I've spoken to the producer, I've spoken to anyone who'll listen.  I give up caffeine each morning and partake of it by 3:00 again each day.  Heaven knows, I DO NOT need caffeine right now.  I go to work and half-heartedly get through my days daydreaming about what's to come.  And about those ten men coming to visit me.

I've written my letter, I've sent photographs that I've been asked to send.

My next task is to go through a ton of boxes and pick out the things that I've been asked to compile.  A certain book, a certain letter, a certain this and a certain that.  And a couple more photos.  I just don't have the energy to tackle that task, though.  I'm too busy staring off into space and wondering and wondering.

We are due for some rain this weekend ... and, of course, I have a leaky roof.  That's on my mind, too.  Actually that's over my mind .. literally.

I was asked recently why I'm not funny anymore.  Well, it wasn't directly asked that way ... but that's how I heard it.  Maybe I only heard it in my head.  Who knows.  Funny isn't a word I'm using right now.  I'm too nervous.  I don't think I've ever been this nervous.  Not even on my wedding day, which, to date, was my most nervous-est.  I could not even force myself to walk down the aisle, I was THAT nervous.  I had to be given valium to get me down that long, long aisle.

Anyone have any spare valium?  Cuz this aisle is feeling mighty long right now.


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