Wednesday, November 4, 2015

today is ...

November 4th.    The 4th of November.     Three days before IT.   It being a television shooting AT MY HOUSE.

A couple of days ago, I was notified that the shoot was moving forward. By a couple of days. Why?  No idea.

We have a production meeting first to talk about their plans for me. Then we shoot. Then it rains.  Why?  Why not.

So, we have two holes in our roof and water drips into my bedroom constantly.  Soooo, rain this weekend equals rain in my bedroom equals a slight lack of sleep. Why?  Think Chinese Water Torture.  The leak cannot be fixed until the shoot is over. Why?  'Cause I need the house to look good and, of course, it won't.  The repairmen left a blue tarp up on my roof when they were last here. Why?  To mess up my TV shoot, I'm sure.

Once this thing is over and on the air, you'll be sure to recognize me ... I'll be the dripping wet chica with a blue tarp on her head that fell through the hole in her bedroom ceiling and landed on her head ... all on camera.  Yeah, you can't miss me.


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