Thursday, December 10, 2015

now where is my ...

Good grief.  If my head weren't attached ... we'll I'm not sure it ever was.

Lately I can't hold onto anything.  Just when I needed it most, I misplaced my keys and my driver's license.  You need those things to drive to the airport and then board a plane.  GOOD THING my passport was current ... although that didn't solve the key problem.

So, I did get to go to California ... but I couldn't rent a car.  I was dependent on Elizabeth for my transportation there.  Well, that's not exactly true ... I TOTALLY drove all around the state, but I was an illegal driver.  Yep, I was.  And I drove from one end of the state to the other, too.

AND, while there, I managed to lose a purse and my favorite sunglasses.  My favorite sunglasses were in my favorite glasses case, too.  All gone.

Returned home and two of my favorite blouses have disappeared.

Yesterday I carried some Christmas letter paper downstairs ... and lost it almost immediately.  So, I had one more pack of the paper ... and I went upstairs and retrieved it ... and brought it to work with me this morning.

Gone.  Gone before I even set foot into my office.

G O O D   G R I E F!!!!

I think that dang Elf on the Shelf is busy at work in my house.

Or in my head.

'Cept, I think I lost her, too.

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