Friday, January 22, 2016

So ??

I'm having trouble deciding if I won or lost my case.

I'll let you decide.

I paid $200 to evict my tenant. I had no idea this would turn into a court case. But it did. I had three weeks to prep for it. Then I drove to court and left the tenant's lease agreement at home. Because I'm Kris ... and this stuff always happens to me?

So, instead of the judge inviting my tenant to pack up and go ... he gave them one week to pay up and stay.

$200 to give them another free week to live in my rental property ???    I think I lost.

They've lived there for two month's rent free.

So, I won, because I may be getting some money. Yet, I lost because I've still got my tenants and I'm $200 poorer. And yet I won, because I know they can't pay the past due rent. And I lost, because I know they can't pay their past due rent.  I lost because I can't turn around and rerent my property thus proving that my tenants truly did live for two months free. And I lost because I'm now nearly $4000 down. But I won because ... wait, did I win?  Nope, I lost ... because the judge told me that I can evict in one week ... FOR AN ADDITIONAL $150!!  Yep. I lost.

I can't seem to remember if I won anything at all.

Then again, I watch Forensic Files. And I'm good at hiding bodies ...


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