Monday, January 4, 2016

what I learned just today

Tootsie Rolls from Halloween still taste good.  A little hard, perhaps, but still good.

Broken foots get no rest ... if your job requires you to run around a lot.

You will be tired ... if you've been off work for two weeks.

You will be tired ... if you've stayed up till 2:00 AM every, EVERY night and forgot to change your mindset back to work mode.

You will be late to work ... if you forgot to turn your alarm clock on for work.

You will be tired, too.

You will be tired and late ... if you kept hitting your snooze button.   Good thing I didn't hit it with my foot.

You will be hungry after work, too ... if your husband is still in "Wife, Wait on Me" mode and didn't prepare dinner.

You'll be hungry and tired.

Good night.

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