Sunday, February 14, 2016

master card or visa ...

You know you've been watching too many crime shows when you turn on Forensic Files and understand what they're saying when you hear ligature marks, perp, vic and foot impressions.  I'm also painfully aware of what tire impressions are and what stippling means. And let's not forget profiler. I know profiler. Heck! I know a profiler.

And finally ... I'm an expert on chloroform, bullet trajectories and, of course, cyanide. Well, not really an expert. You don't have to worry.  I just perk up when I hear those words.

So what does all of this have to do with anything?  Nuthin'. It's just how I spent my Valentine's Day.  With my honey, watching our favorite show.   We did get out to go to dinner, though. We headed to Lawry's for prime rib and Yorkshire pudding.

The food was terrific.  Still ... I couldn't shake the feeling that a crime had been committed. I just kept wondering what poison had been used to bring down my beef.  Hopefully someone will be charged.

Pretty sure it'll be me.

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