Wednesday, February 10, 2016

we're in the tv guide!

Just noticed that our show, Long Lost Family, is now being advertised/promo'd/shown on real TV.  And not just on a promo reel on their website.

That means, we've got a GREEN LIGHT!  The show will DEFINITELY air!  Yes, there was always, always, always the chance that something could happen.  But in my eyes ... now that you've shown the promo on TV ... ON REAL TV ... it has to happen.  It just HAS TO!!!

Not that anyone consults me about anything.

But I did get a call from a friend last night ... telling me that our show OUR SHOW is being advertised!

F I N A L L Y.

And ya know what?

I'm not in the promo.


That better be the people in the first episode or I'm gonna be a bit ticked.  No, I won't really be, but it still better be just the first peeps.  It better be.


That means that I won't be shown in a promo UNTIL THE VERY END.

Dang.  It stinks being in the final episode.


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