Tuesday, March 15, 2016

where oh where ...

Dang!  She's still MIA!  Tell me she hasn't gotten lost ... or worse ... trapped in TV Land!

Nah, I'm here.  I just enjoyed a full week of Spring Break doing ... NOTHING!  Well, it rained, so I forced myself to clean my house and clean out my closet and get those dishes finally done and walk the dog and ... and ... and ...  the list goes on and on.

Know what else I did?  I worked on subletting my daughter's apartment in California ... from Texas.  And that ain't particularly easy.

And, yes, I did catch some TV.  Especially the first two episodes of LONG LOST FAMILY.  Dang, it's taken a long time to air.  A LOOOONG TIME to finally air.   Check it out.  I like the show a lot (my episode will, of course, be better) and am proud of what I was a part of.  I've been online chatting with folks who have a million questions about the show, the process, etc. and I've been coaching a few to do what I did and just say yes to the dress.  Oops, wrong show.  Seriously, there's a zillion people out there all hurting because they can't find the info they want and here it came so easy to me.  I don't know how I got so lucky.

Blessed.  I don't why I was so blessed.

So, here's plug #1:     TLC.  Long Lost Family.   Sunday Night.   April 17th.   10 pm/9 Central.

I'll go back to my spring cleaning now.  Well, I'll start it.  Maybe.

And maybe not.


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