Thursday, March 31, 2016


I am so so so proud of myself.  Yes, I am.

I.  Just.  Did.  My.  Taxes.

All by myself.   Now this may not seem like a big feat to you, but I don't know what I'm doing.  Not one lick.  You see, I attempted to do my own taxes back in 2003 ... and we got penalized right and left for dumb stuff.  I kept the IRS busy that year ... correcting all of my errors.

Many years later - like ELEVEN - I learned that I really hadn't done anything wrong at all.  But I had done ELEVEN YEARS worth of research trying to correct everything, find the culprit of the bad W-2 that we'd been sent, etc., etc.   And somehow, all it took was ELEVEN YEARS and a smart H&R Block guy to say, "Oh, that's simple.  Rick's company was bought and someone else is now issuing his W-2."  

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  No other tax person couldn't have not told me that sooner.  (I think that's a triple negative.  Shut up.)  We broke our necks trying to find that culprit - and, may I add, we never did - who messed everything up.  But needless to say, I gave up doing my taxes because it coincidentally happened the very same year that I tried to Turbo Tax it myself.

Well, it's now thirteen years later and I'm braving it again.  But you know what?  I'm a year behind.  Yep, I was so shook up over it all that I didn't even bother to do my taxes last year.

Nah, that's not true.  Well, the 2014 taxes thing is true.  Yes, I did just do my 2014 taxes.  And yes, I did them myself.  And yes, I did constantly think about that earlier debacle.  And yes, I was nervous.

And no, I didn't do them correctly.

Because after all was said and done ... I realized I forgot to include that stupid W-2 from Rick's company after all.  After all that.  AFTER ALL THAT.   Yes, I just said "after all" about five times.  Okay, four.

And no ... I will never do my taxes again.

Until tonight.  Turbo Tax is only free until midnight tonight.  Yep, I'm trying it again.

Stop laughing at me.   I promise not to forget that W-2 again.

Sure wish I could find it, though.  It was here a minute ago ...


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