Sunday, April 3, 2016

double you two

So, I drove myself to the bank and begged for a new W-2.

"You mean a mortgage interest statement,"the teller guy said.

"Um, sure, although I didn't just buy a house."

"You don't have to buy a house to get a mortgage interest statement," he said.

"You mean, I can get a mortgage interest statement just like that?  Without ever having to buy a house??"

"Yes, ma'am!  We can offer you all kinds of things here at XYZ Credit Union."

"Wow!  Will wonders never cease!  But tell me, WHY would anyone need a mortgage interest statement if they're not buying a house?"

"For the same reason you do," he simply said.

We were getting nowhere. "Look, I don't know what I need or why I need it. I just know that I got one for 2015 but not for 2014 and Turbo Tax says I need it."

"Need what?"

"A mortgage interest statement."

"Did you just buy a house?"

I kid you not.

If I don't ever get my taxes finished, it's HIS fault.


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