Saturday, May 21, 2016

25 and counting

We are 25 days away from beginning our second adventure in filming ... and the subject has gotten sick. 25 days?  That's a long time, right?  Yes. And no. I have faith that Janette will rally and be as good as new, despite Pneumonia and a host of fluid around her liver. Rick lives with fluid around his heart, so ... oh wait, that's a bad example.  But she will be fine. The fluid will be drained on Monday. Janette's fluid will, not Rick's. Rick has to live with his.

So, two subjects are sick ... is that what I'm saying?

Nope. Three are. Rick just gave me his cold.  Yes, in addition to the fluid on his heart, he has a cold. And now, so do I.

If this cold would only take my appetite, we'd be in business. But two out of three sick people have lost their appetites and one hasn't. Yep, my appetite is doing fine, darn it.

Quadruple chin, here we come.

Maybe I can catch some of everyone's fluid and it'll wash away my appetite. Or my chin.

Or my shoes.

Being sick made me want to go shopping. I bought some shoes.

And a car.

But I don't want the car washed away ...


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