Tuesday, May 31, 2016


June is approaching rapidly ... okay, it's tomorrow but I'm in a bit of denial ... and I'm not getting any readier for part two of Long Lost Family.  I think about it a lot but I really haven't done much in the way of prepping myself for it.

I've looked at my wardrobe and vetoed all of my clothes.
I've removed all of the fattening foods from my house (and boy were they delicious!)
I've bought new makeup.
I've studied some cute hairstyles on Pinterest.

So, yeah, I've thought about it.  But I have no fancy clothes and I'm no thinner than I had planned to be/wanted to be and I applied said makeup but didn't like the results and I've chosen a new hairstyle.

The hairstyle looked awful on me.  I'm no longer thinking about that...

So, since we are fifteen days out from our shoot date ... know what I did instead of getting ready?

Bought us a car!

Cuz, yeah, that helps us get ready.  Actually we spent purt near all day at the dang dealership so heck, there was NO TIME to get ready!  And you know what I realized (while spending four hours at the dealer)?  I'm actually quite ready.

If I don't choose any clothes and don't buy any new ones ... and if I don't choose any makeup, even though I purchased some new makeup ... and if I never select a cute hairstyle and thus have no need for hair products ... well, I'm all packed!  And I'm certainly not going to bring along any food ... cuz, I hear Idaho has a grocery store or two anyway.

So, I'm ready!  All packed!  There may be nothing in my suitcase, but I'M READY!

You think the new car will fit in my carry on?  I hope so, cuz that's about all I'm interested in right now.

Wanna see it?

Okay, so it's Rick's hot new ride.  But, but, but ...

It's really mine.

Maybe we could drive this to Idaho!   


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