Saturday, June 11, 2016

T - 4 days

Once in awhile, everything goes perfectly.  Once in awhile, a day just works out beautifully and you smile.

Today was not that day.  IS not that day.

First of all, Midnight decorated our house with a number of her bodily fluids.  Our A/C decorated our house with some of its residue as well. And to top it off, I cooked.  And I decorated the air with some sweet-smelling odors, too.   Yuck.    Burned popcorn.     Don't ask.

And it's only 9:05 AM.

Gonna be good day. Yes it is.     And I can see it's only gonna get better because I can see the dropping of a rat ... right over there ... in front of the fireplace.

Gonna be a good day.


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