Sunday, June 12, 2016

T - 3 days

Time to get my hair cut and colored. Time to select that one special outfit from the 500 I've purchased for the show. Time to get my nails done. Time to pull out the suitcases, retrieve my packing list and begin laying out my clothes. Maybe I should do some laundry?

Time to buy new shoes ... yeah, there's time to break them in.  (Sure, Kris.)

Time to straighten up the house?   Nah, we can skip that.  We always do.  Wouldn't want to give the house a heart attack.  I'll do laundry instead. The washing machine can take it. It's survived several heart attacks.

Is it time to take the dog to the kennel?  Nope, not yet. I'll have to clean up her area with her still standing right in the middle.  

How about the packing?  How's that coming, Kris?    Don't ask.

Note to self:  Find suitcases.

And who told Oma that we'd take her to lunch today???  Oh, me. Well, shoot. There ain't no time for that!!  We've got a show to shoot on Wednesday!

Sigh.  Just sigh.

The nerves are kicking in again and all I can say is ... thank goodness I lost those 50 extra pounds.

Shut up.  Good think we've got lunch planned.


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