Friday, July 1, 2016

texas or bust!

I'M  B A C K !!!!!

First the photos, then the intrigue. 'Cuz yeah, there is some. There's always some.  Always some drama. Always some intrigue.  Actually not too much drama. Not any at all.  Oh but that intrigue.   Have I intrigued you enough?

First the photos.

Bear with me.  They kinda make no sense.   Then again, does anything I ever do?

We arrived in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho and got started on filming right away.  See the camera?  That's about the only thing that's standard from the old days.  See the computer?  That's how they monitor and shoot and even edit nowadays.  Yep, it's instant.  

See the people?  Well, you know what they do.

This man is always behind one of these.

See these girls?  They're watching little computers up in a playhouse.  Yep, that's the way it's done nowadays.  You can't have a filming at your house unless you have a playhouse.  And I don't have one.  I had to fly to Idaho to find one.

Here's the whole gang.  That girl with the huge denim jacket on and the red blanket on her legs?  She was cold.  And she liked wearing all that stuff because it made her look so tiny.


Getting the girl primped, prepped and ready.

Better?  You can't even see the red blanket.

She looks better in a small photo.

Ooh, even better here.

Maybe this side is better.


But below are some favorites of the trip.  Gotta speed this up since the intrigue is killing me.
So's the drama.

Mom and daughter.  This is a favorite shot of mine.

Mom, daughter and granddaughter.  Sarah is my favorite.  I told her that daily.  I mean't it, too.  Although all the kids are my favorites.  It's just that Sarah's my favorite.


This will be our Christmas card photo this year.  Try to forget you've seen it.

Day two ... my favorite mom, my favorite drink.  Funny how we both wanted the same drink that day.  We shared it.  Yep, I shared a drink with my mom.

Who'd of thunk it.

Mom meets Rick.  Mom is amazed at how much Rick can talk.  Actually we all are.  Not sure Janette ever even got a word in.

Another fun photo.  Daughter and mom in other daughter's house.  

Did you notice the dog on the top of the couch?  

That's Lucy.  Lucy doesn't like me.  Lucy doesn't know I'm there.

Wait'll she wakes up.

My favorite shot of all time.

And next up:  the intrigue.  Okay, the drama.   Intrigue and drama.

Okay, just drama.



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