Tuesday, July 26, 2016

counting down

We're four days away from my next adventure ... I'm heading to California for what was going to be just a simple class reunion.  Simple class reunion trip has now turned into massive chores, massive responsibilities and, of course, massive fun.

Massive responsibility because I'll be filming another "Long Lost Family" episode and meeting another long, lost sister.

Massive chores because I need new clothes and new hair for the show. And believe me, I'm already nervous about those two things.

And massive fun because I'm seeing my long, lost brother, whom I like very much.

Massive chores because the hotel room I booked is way too expensive and I'm desperately trying to find another one.

Massive fun because I'm taking a train trip home from California ...

... and massive chores because I'M SCARED TO DEATH TO TAKE THE TRAIN!!

I'm terrified I'm going to be bored silly on the train trip (it's TWO FULL DAYS LONG!) so I'm crazily buying books, cards, notepads and snacks for this adventure.

And I'm busy worrying about my suitcases and how I'll access them while on the train.


And massive fun because ... well, I don't see anything fun about this trip at all, yet.

Oh, wait. I am going to Disneyland on one of the days.

Great. More chores. Gotta look good there, too.

Mouse ears.

I've got it. One pair of black mouse ears and I'm all set. They'll look good on the TV show and I KNOW they'll look good at the reunion.  Too bad they'll look ridiculous on a 58 year old woman at Disneyland ...

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