Wednesday, July 27, 2016

because I can't think about my upcoming trip any longer ...

My friend Billy is a hoot.  And this hoot had to go to a church pot luck a few days ago.  He proudly sent us a photo of his beautiful creation for said luncheon.  And beautiful it was.

But then he said this ...

This was mine and Cindy's masterpiece creation Saturday night for the church pot luck dinner on Sunday. My role in its creation was to pay for the ingredients at the store, stand by and wait for all to be mixed and poured into the baking pan, lick the mixing bowl and beaters, then take a picture of the final product. The part from the mixing bowl and beaters was delicious. I have no idea what the final product tasted like. It was all gone the next day before I could get to the dessert table ...

Billy had chocolate cake instead.

Don'tcha hate when that happens?

Okay, back to packing.


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