Thursday, August 4, 2016

if this is wednesday, it must be california ...

Arrived in CA a week ago and have darn near lived an entire lifetime in just five short days.  Unfortunately my iPad won't allow me to post any pictures but I can share some of the details with you.  Are you ready?

On Saturday, I went to my 40th high school class reunion.  Actually it was my 41st ... my class had no spirit and never could get their act together.  Soooo, the class after ours graciously invited my class to join theirs.  Guess what I learned?  The class after ours sucked at getting their act together, too.  FIVE whole people attended from my year. Not a whole lot more attended from the prior year. So ... said high school reunion was a bust. I did meet some nice people, though. Too bad I never ever saw them in high school ... I wonder if they even went to my high school ... wait, maybe I never attended my high school.  Well, maybe I never went to that high school.  Oy vey.

Photos will follow ... If I ever escape this train!

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