Wednesday, July 6, 2016

here we go!

So .... drama.

What do you do when you find your biological mother and biological sister and the circumstances surrounding them and your relationship to them isn't so great?  You realize it doesn't matter.

What does matter though, is the circumstances surrounding your biological father's past.  He's got quite a history and quite a story.  I'll never meet him because he's already passed on ... but wow, oh wow.  What a tale.

Of course, you know most of it.   Bank robber, career criminal, kidnapper, rapist, thief, money launderer, etc.  A real upstanding guy.  But none of that compares to the chaos that came home to us recently.

Apparently ... dear ol' dad had a wife.  Or two.  And he remained married to one of them for many, many years.  And they had a daughter.  This was all AFTER the kidnapping.

But let's take a peek at things BEFORE the kidnapping.  There was another wife.  And that wife had a daughter with dear ol' dad.

And THAT WIFE, that woman, that confidant ... was a friend of my biological mom.  A friend!!  A confidant!  And yet, she didn't stop the kidnapping.  SHE LET IT HAPPEN.

And that daughter of hers and "dad's"?  THAT FRIEND is claiming that THAT DAUGHTER is not related to me.  Implying that MY DAD is someone else.  Implying that THERE'S ANOTHER MAN IN THE PICTURE.

But I know there isn't.

And THAT FRIEND is still alive and causing/stirring up trouble.

See?  There's always drama.  In every family.

And you know what else?

I win.

I won.

I continue to win.

I've got the best mom/sister/brother ever.

So there.


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