Monday, July 18, 2016

Julie, Julie, July, Do you love me?

July has been interesting.  To say the least.

Here's a rundown of my life of late ...

Another shoot date for Long Last Family was confirmed today.  I will need to be in LA on August 2nd and 3rd to meet my new sister.  New?  Well, my sister.  Apparently the only sister I have on 'dear ol' dad's' side of the family.  Am I excited?  Yep.  To shoot, to film.  To meet my sister?  Eh.

Do you think she looks like me?

She (sis) is the one on the right.  No one thinks she looks like me.  I, however, think we could be twins.  But what do I know ... I see zero resemblance in my biological mother and myself.

That's my mom on the left.  That's me in the center.  See?  No resemblance.  

Thank you.

So what else did July bring to me?

A new car for Rick
A new car for me
A new tenant upstairs in our guest bedroom
A new tenant upstairs in Elizabeth's bedroom
A cat in the guest bedroom
A cat in Elizabeth's bedroom.
The cat in the guest room now owns this entire house.  Just ask him.

200 more cracks in our house here.
A hole in our roof.
A leak in the master bedroom below the hole in the roof.
Leaky window seals just outside of Elizabeth's windows
... leading to 
A hole in the roof of our closet in our guest bedroom.
We have a very holy house.

Midnight is still with us.
But Midnight has a few problems.
Midnight makes a few messes in our house.  Guess who 
   cleans them up?

I was invited to be a 'ghost writer' on a book on
... adoption.  
I need to GET STARTED on my portion of said book.
I CAN'T GET STARTED on the book!!

I worked part time at our local theater.
I hated working part time at our local theater.

And the biggest moment of my July?  
I.  Hung.  Up.  All.  Of.  My.  Clothes.
You don't know how pretty my closet looks now.
You don't know how crowded my closet is now.
You don't know how many dumb, ugly clothes I own.
You don't know how many dumb, ugly clothes I'm 
... planning on getting rid of.


And so, my closet remains stuffed, pretty, and full of
... dumb, ugly clothes.


Heading out of town tomorrow ... just me.
Heading out of town tomorrow ... if I can convince
   Rick to stay home.  Wish me luck.
And then, I head to CA to shoot. film.
Although, if it doesn't go well, I may want to be shot.

Elizabeth and I are taking a train from LA to Dallas!!!

I watch too much I Love Lucy.

Pretty much how I'll look on the train ... 
when I figure out that it's a 2 day trip and it isn't a five-star hotel.


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