Tuesday, August 16, 2016

cray cray

Before we go all chaotic and everything, I wanted to pin up just one more photo of ol' DLand.

This will always be one of my favorite spots in the Magic Kingdom.


This spot is infamous.  

I got lost here when I was five years old ... and a mean old lady found me, but threw my ice cream into this here lake.  I didn't mind being found, but seriously?  Take away a poor little crying kid's ice cream???  Never mind that it was running down my arm.

On this particular day, (not the day that I was lost and gone forever) a little ducky was just-a swimming by.  

I'll bet he ate my ice cream.

No, really.  He looks pretty guilty to me.

Of course, that would make him like 53 years old now.

Not that I'm 58.  It would just make him 53.  'Cause I said so.

See this girl here?  She scolded me for getting on my phone in her presence.  I'm thinking about scolding her for the same reason.  

Nah, she'd come up with some dumb excuse.

I know I did.

And so ends a nice little day at Disneyland.  Well, for Elizabeth, anyway.  While she went to work, I stayed on and on and on and on and on and darn near walked my little feet off.

I figured I could lose fifty or so pounds before the chaos hit.

I didn't.  And the chaos hit anyway.

Stay tuned.


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