Wednesday, August 17, 2016

time for chaos

Wanna see some chaos?  

My daughter put together a cute little "slide show" about what the day held for me, but first I'll show you where we were.  It were swanky.  Swanky swanky.

It were the Larchmont.


Yep, The Larchmont.

 I can now say that I filmed a TV show in LA.  Of course I can say I did that in Texas and in Idaho, but there's something a bit more glamorous to doing it in LA.  

Here we go ...

 Photo Bomb

Here's what I look like on a monitor.  It's the first time I'm seeing this, too.  Remind me to wear a necklace next time that lays down a bit better.

Liz was bored and got a little fancy with this slide ...


And the author of this new book ...

See?  I told you you were in for some chaos...

Pic of the day:

My lunch ... that the crew bought for me.

Sure beats that reunion meal, eh?

And it didn't cost me $120!

This one only cost me $560!!!  The exact price of a train ticket that SOMEONE was insistent upon travelling on.   Yep.  

More chaos tomorrow, if you're up to it.


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