Monday, August 22, 2016

beaching it ...

I've been into real estating again lately.  Got my eye on a couple of these little beauties.  You think someone would want to sell me one (or two or three) pretty cheap?

No?  Why not?

I like the first one that comes with a little Solvang-type bike for tooling around the beach in.

I think I could stand waking up to this view every day.  

Texas is short on beaches.  California has plenty.  I made sure I headed out to see the edge of the world while on my California junket.  

Yep, this view'll do.  Especially aboard the little bike that I want.

I look thinner at the beach.  

Well definitely taller.

Hey, look.  My legs got shorter.  That's not so good.  They're short enough.

Elizabeth and I also saw this on our beach outing.  

Found it at the Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach.  Didn't buy it, so I'm kicking myself now.

It doesn't hurt much, though.  My legs are too short to do any real damage and high kicks are out of the questions with my new stubby legs.


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