Tuesday, August 23, 2016

more bummin'

With weather like this ...

... why not continue to hang around the beach??  

Hey, I even found a fun ferry and a ferris wheel.  

I didn't do the ferris wheel, but I did do the ferry.  

So did my car.  Although this isn't my car; it was my car's view.  Yep, my car got to view a BMW.  It's probably never seen one before so it was good for it to get up close and personal with it.

And because I'd seen my car before, I got out of my car to see some other sights.  Perhaps I just wanted to see the BMW a little closer.  Or the water.  Yeah, the water.  We don't have water in Texas.  Well, we have water ... just not water.

We don't have no streets named this in Texas ...

Nor any cities named this ...

We do have welcome centers ... but they're not as cute as this one.  I like being welcomed in California.

So, welcome to Oceanside, Kris.  You are officially 'side an ocean.

And loving it.


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