Tuesday, August 30, 2016

rollin', rollin', rollin ...

Keep those doggies rollin' ...

Okay, so keep those trainies rollin' ...

The hallways weren't much bigger than the rooms.  Although this photo makes it seem grand compared to what it really felt like.

And everything I needed seemed to be on a different floor.  Of course it did.

This was our hallway.  It was a little more glamorous that the hallways leading downstairs.  But just a little more.  And little it was!

First order of business on Saturday morning?

Yup, ye ol' dining car.

It was good enough for Lucy Ricardo ... so it's good enough for me.

Wanna see what we were offered?


It was easy to diet on this train.  Not just because they listed all of the calories ... but, um, well, it just was.  Railroad food?  Think airplane food.


And Dinner. 

Don't get all excited over that steak you see there.  I did ... and it really wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  FORTUNATELY I didn't have to pay that price for it, either.  It was included in my fare.  So, that made it free.

Sure it did, Kris.

They did offer dessert.  Think airline-sized dessert.  Except without the peanuts.

Alcohol was definitely needed on this train trip.  Although I don't know how anyone could drink and walk on a train.  It's hard enough just walking on the train while not imbibing.

And so concludes our food tour of the Superliner, headed from Union Station in LA to Union Station in Dallas.  

Oh, wait.  Forgot about these.   They're delicious, too.

Rule of thumb:  Don't spill your meds ... on a tiny, tiny train and think you're going to collect them all in one fell swoop.

It can't be done.


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