Saturday, September 17, 2016

heart attack city

I am headed out to see this lady in a few hours.  This lady be my momma.  My mom.  My mother.  My ORIGINAL mother.

I believe I look nothing like her ... but the general public believes otherwise.  
Not the best shot of my knees, by the way.

Isn't she cute?  Much cuter than me, I'm afraid.

Nope, still see no resemblance, but she's still cute.

Anyway, I'm headed up to see her and celebrate her birthday with her.  She does not know I'm coming.  Hence the title of this blog ... heart attack city.  I plan to give her one for her birthday.  Well, not really, but I do hope she's surprised.  Pleasantly surprised.

I plan to see sister Jeana, too, tomorrow.  In fact, I better see her!  She's my accomplice.  And if anyone's gonna get in trouble ... I want it to be her!

Do I look like sister Jeana?  Please say yes.  I want to pretend I look 18 years younger.  And she's so cute, too.

THIS is my favorite photo of us.  

We're both cute here.  

So's my phone.  So's my purse, too.

 And this is my favorite show.  Because it introduced me to the cute ladies above.  Well, I'd already met the blonde one once or twice.
I'm gonna love it again after Christmas.  Why, you ask?

Just you wait.

Oh, just you wait.


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