Thursday, September 15, 2016

we interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast ...

... to bring you this:

 This is Midnight.  She's 112 years old in people years.  Barely 16 in doggy years.  
Midnight has been bringing the Kahle family joy for a long, long, long time.

Midnight has been the medicine for Rick that the doctors couldn't provide.  Midnight brightened up many a hospital/rehab room that Rick was in.

Here she is, on her way to see Rick in Richardson ... when he was in a rehab center there.  Circa 2012.

She did her job well.

Rick acted tough, but it's obvious he liked it when his little girl visited.

They would play and play and love and love.

And Rick would smile.  Midnight would, too.

We've known her for over 15 years, longer than I've ever known another pet.  Longer than I've ever had any other pet.

Even when she was just hanging out ... doing what she does best ... she brought us joy.

Even when we forced her to go outside in the snow ... she brought us joy.  The snow didn't bring her joy, though.

She especially liked the red jingle toy that Santa brought her one year.

No, really.  She did.

But she liked this "toy" the best.  The one she could sleep on.  And on and on and on.

The only person who didn't adore Midnight was ...

But we all did.

We'll miss you, Midnight.  More than you can imagine.

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