Tuesday, September 13, 2016

abe's place

So what's in this new shack  cabin  townhouse?  Oh, lots of fun things!

Here's a right purty little livin' room.  You could entertain quite nicely here.

Here's a nice little office space.  You could listen to yer transistor radio and maybe do sum diggin' out back.  The place comes with the stool, even.

Ample closet space in this here little bedroom.

Here's a cute bedroom.  For the kiddos.  It sleeps three.  Or six.  Maybe even nine.

Another bedroom for the grownups.  I put my best bed linens on this one.  Quite the ensemble, yes?

Room for baby, too.  And lots for him to see up on the ceiling.

I call this one the grandparent parlor.  Cuz, you know, a lounge chair.  Grandpappies like to lounge.

And finally ... a little back room.  Just got it all fixed up.  You won't even notice the rats after awhile. 

So, come on up!  We're all set.  I'm headin' to Idaho next weekend (I actually am, too) to sign them thar papers on this castle.

Vacationing at its finest!


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