Monday, September 12, 2016

so .... you know that townhouse?

Don't be packin' your bags just yet.

Feeling a bit blase about it all ... feeling a tad unsettled and a bit overwhelmed ... and feeling like I just plain couldn't afford the cute place ... I asked my little prayer group for prayer.

The path had been fairly straight in getting the place, not perfect, but not bumpy, either.  It had been a little wavy with some questionable things on my credit report.  But nothing we couldn't get past.  Then, I asked for prayer.  We all asked that God remove my doubt or that He close the door.

Guess what happened?

Less than 24 hours later ... more like 12, the door slammed shut.  And hard.  The seller had gotten a better offer on her property and gave us like five minutes to get everything ironed out or she wanted us out.  We weren't even set to close on the place until the 19th of September, so I don't really know exactly what happened ... just that God closed that door.  God said NO.  And you know what?

A HUGE burden was lifted off of my shoulders immediately.  I was sad, but I was not heartbroken.

I am getting a refund on my partial down payment (earnest money) and trudging forward with other properties that I actually CAN afford.

So, ya' know that cute little townhouse?  Skip it.  Erase it from your memory.  Tear up the image and toss it out the window.

You can stare at this one now.

It's more in my price range.


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