Saturday, September 10, 2016


So back to that agenda thing ...

I got a call from the realtor yesterday.  The seller of my almost townhouse doesn't think I'm being reasonable asking for a few things to be fixed within the walls of the property.  Yeah, it's silly to ask for things to be fixed, I know.

It's also silly for her to expect the sale to go through, too.  Take that, Seller.

This be the house.  Townhouse, that is.

I've never actually seen it, but now that I have a sister, I put her to good use real quick.  She toured it.  She photo'd it.  She checked it out.  Sisters are good like that.  I should know, I've had a sister for all of six months now.  They're mean't to be used.

I've actually got two sisters now.  Lots of using, I can do.

Just kidding, sisters.

This is the photo that made me fall in love with the place.  I'm dying to know what's up those fancy split stairs.  I'll have to get one of my new sisters on that.

Anyway, the inspection report showed very little wrong with the place and that's good.  But what WAS wrong with it, they, uh, don't want to fix?  Um sure, folks.  Sure.

There are two foggy windows.  Deal breaker if you don't fix them.  I need to see out the windows.  How else can I know when one of my new sisters is coming over?  I have to know when to clean up the house!

And there's a door right over there that leads to the garage that's legally a fire door.  It doesn't close.  Um, fire .... yeah, I want the door to close.  Yep, deal breaker.  I have two new sisters and how do I know they won't try to set the place on fire?  They would, too.

There's a leaky shower head in the master bath.  That's over there around that corner.  No leaky shower heads, please.  I can't stand water when I'm in the shower.  Got that?

And there's a ding on one of the window seats.  Uh, come on people!  No dings allowed.  Although we're all a little dingy.  

So ... we're at a standstill.

I refused to buy a place that needs a quarter-sized amount of paint on a window seat.  Actually that's more of a dollar-sized boo boo.

You know what?

I will win.

I may have to paint it myself (and heaven knows I have WAY too much experience at painting townhouses) but I'll win.

And then we'll be open for business.

And just in case, bring your own paintbrush.  I've seen how I paint and it really isn't pretty.



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