Thursday, September 8, 2016

Trouble ... with a Capital T (bro joe, part 2)

Wanna see a trouble maker?

Little bro Joe.    Sweet little bro Joe.

CLASS CLOWN for FOUR YEARS in high school.

Just look at that sweet little face.

I am so honored to be his sister, even if it's a brand new relationship.


Sweet little bro Joe was in a car accident when he was in his early 20s.  Little bro Joe does not let that get him down, no, siree.  Joe is way too cool to buy into any pity or any of that.

Joe is my new hero.  His mom (our mom) Janette was my first hero.


Sweet little bro Joe married a cool girl, Janice and they live in a cool home by a cool beach, in cool California.  And I mean that literally.  It was much cooler there this summer than in Texas.

Joe and I are cute.  We really are.

The only thing that's not so cute?  This.

Joe used to be a surfer.  And he took me to a surf museum.  And he made me pretend to surf.  

Um, no, Kris.     Cool, you're not.


But this was cool ...

Joe is a musician and plays in a band all over town.  A fan (A FAN!!!!) stopped him on the street to say hello!   Did you hear me?  A fan!


Wanna see Joe with hair?

Now that's really cool.  A family portrait at bro Joe's wedding.

But the coolest part of all?

I see myself in Joe's eyes.  He is what ties all of my emotions together and links me to the family and makes me feel like it's all okay.


I believe I look like Joe.  Hauntingly, in fact.

Brother Joe.

By the way, that's sister Jeana and mom Janette above.  Along with the mysterious brother Richard.


When I began my search for my family, all I really wanted was to meet my brother that was three years older than myself.  I haven't met him yet, and I'm totally fine if I never do ... because I have brother Joe.  The brother I didn't know I was looking for but the brother I got.

And I got the best brother ever.


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