Tuesday, September 6, 2016


What's next on your agenda, Kris?  Because we know you have an agenda ... you always do.

Sheepishly, she pulls out these photos.  Sheepishly, she hopes no one scolds her.

Sheepishly, she knows better.

Yep, it's a townhouse.

And here you thought I was all done with real estate.  You should've known better.  Houses are in my blood.

This little (?) townhouse is in Idaho.  I have family now in Idaho.  My plan is to own a home near my family in Idaho.  So I can go visit them now and then.  Well, summers.  Summers in Texas are HOT.  Summers in Idaho are cool.  People in Idaho are cool.  People in Texas are hot.

Think about it.

Anyway, I've put in a bid on this little beauty and if I can clean up my credit enough and can get the payment where I want it ... we're good to go.

Vacation Rentals Here We Come!!!

Yeah, can't have a real renter.  Just can't do that again.  Just can't.

Do you suppose that green car next door is part of the deal?  I hope so.  How else will I get to my new house?

Wanna peak inside?

Too bad.  You're gonna anyway.

The house has one of these.  Good thing, too.  It gets cold in Idaho.  It gets cold in Texas, too, but not like in Idaho.  

I'll visit in the summer, thank you.

It has one of these, too.  Actually a couple of these.  Just not all in the same room.

See, here's another one.

I guess this means we're ready for guests.  

Note to landlord:  Put up shower curtain.  Guests won't mind, but I will.  I hate mopping up wet floors.

And here's my favorite shot of the place.  Seriously.

I think I could live here.  Just not in the winter.

Now.  Can anybody lend me a couple hundred thousand?

Ah, come on!!!


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