Sunday, September 4, 2016

bro joe

Uno more memory.

Got to see this guy.  I have the nicest brother in the world.  The cutest one, too.  But then he looks just like me.  :)

And he lives at the coolest place in the world, too.  Literally, it was cool there.

Cool and beautiful.

He has a cool wife, too.  She's cool because she let me stand behind her and be hidden.  I like cool people like that.

And they took me to a cool place.  A street fair!  I love street fairs.  Even crowded ones like this.  Too bad I lost them both in this crowd.

I wonder if they ever got home.  

I wonder if I ever got home.  Oh yeah, I did.  Think train.

Although a train couldn't have pushed through all these people!


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