Friday, September 2, 2016

memories ... light the corners of my train

Ah, go ahead, sing it.  I just did.

And speaking of memories ... here are some highlights of my bucket-listed train trip:

First of all ... someone misspelled Amtrak.  That someone lives deep inside my phone.  And when we selected this option to check in with on Facebook ... um, they had the smartest question to ask, yet.


Ah, they were probably just thinking of Big Booty Beths ...


But the best memory of the ol' train trip?  Liz and I saw a suspicious bag lying on the sidewalk beside the train.  Know what we did with it?

Picked it up and carried it with us to find the owner.  Yes we did.

'Cause we're just that smart.

Good thing we didn't see this sign till later.

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