Tuesday, November 1, 2016

open for business ... officially

I've been open for business for a few weeks now, totally jumping the gun.  I was renting out a condo that I didn't even own.  I was renting it out, though, KNOWING it would be mine soon.

I was nearly wrong.  Financing for the little condo in Post Falls (Coeur d'Alene) Idaho tried to fall through several times.  My bank tried to help push it off the cliff yesterday, in fact.  Fortunately I had a net at the bottom of the valley and salvaged the place.  Thank you, Bank ... NOT.

Either way, the condo is mine and I'll be up there this weekend visiting/staying in/furnishing/decorating it.    Yes, I am excited to see it ... but in the middle of the night it dawned on me ....

GAS!  I need GAS!

Forget all that ...  I NEED TV!

Someone (ahem) forgot all about utilities.  Sure, I have a couch to sit on ... if I can find it in the dark.

I wonder if I need a bed, too?


We're that downstairs unit right there ...  I wonder if I own the three bushes below the window.  I better, for the price I paid.

The corner.  The corner of what, I have no idea.  I just like this corner.  I hope I can find this actual corner when I get there this weekend.  It's such a nice corner.

That, on the left, is my patio.  Little black gate and all.  I showed this to Rick and he simply said, "Nice view.  Right into your neighbor's house."  Well, yeah.  But look at all the rocks you get to see, too.

Jeesh.  There's no pleasing some people.

And here's my favorite room in the house.  Why?  I have no idea because I don't really cook.  And I certainly don't plan to start now.  But it's such a cute little nook.

So ... that's my latest project.

I'm gonna take up painting now.  Cuz I apparently need a new hobby.  I've done bought all the real estate I can afford.  Oh wait ... no lights.  Better take up yoga instead.  Cuz I can keep my eyes closed for that.  In fact, that would be best.


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