Monday, February 27, 2017


So, we have us a baby due in the new family.  And ... I've been invited up for the birth.  Um, I've never been present for a baby's birth, excepting my own.  I don't remember much about that event.  Oh, wait, I have a child, too ... my dear, darling daughter, Elizabeth.  I was there for her birthing.  I distinctly remember it.

So, never mind, I've seen a baby being born.

Anyhoo ... we've got us a baby coming along on Easter Sunday.  I'm WAS debating whether or not I wanted to go up to Idaho to witness this event or not, fearing a bit of seeing a baby being borned.  But thanks to all of you, I'm okay now with going.

I think.

I'm told it's a boy, to be named Ezra.  I tried to get them to name the baby Kris ... Kristina to be exact, but they didn't seem interested.  My new mommy wanted the name to be Mary ... but she agreed that Mary might not be best for a little boy.   And coming up with a middle name?  Well, that still hasn't happened.  Elizabeth and I decided on Cake for the middle name.  Seriously.  No, SERIOUSLY.  But no one else took us seriously.

I'm still debating on whether I'll go to Idaho for the birth of Ezra Cake, but I'm taking suggestions/ideas/reasons why I should or shouldn't.


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