Friday, February 24, 2017

wild blue yonder

In case I haven't mentioned it (or haven't mentioned it lately) we are headed to Oklahoma next weekend for a field trip.  Why, you ask?  Because I'm obsessed again.  I've just GOT TO SEE the actual home that new mom Janette was holed up in for so long.  And the bus station that she fled to, to escape my dear ol' dad.  My obsessions run deep and this one is no different.

So, off I go.  Off we all go.  Maybe we're all just off.

And ... my fingers are crossed that a filming will eventually take place there, too.  In fact, Elizabeth and I are planning a short little jaunt across the upper part of the United States to follow in Lancey's footsteps (or tire tracks) when he was with Janette, in search of an "abortionist" as he called it.   Janette, of course, won't be with us ... but we'll have her in our hearts.  Truly.

And, I was just thinking ... since a third episode has been on my heart lately ... in case you've never seen a movie set  I thought I'd show you one that I was on awhile back.

Seriously.  This is a movie set.  Or was.  Well, yes, the house was, of course.  But did you notice the little green structure beside the house?  That little "fort" served as a very important part of my story.  A very important part of the filming.

A very important part of history that drug us all downward.

But I digress.

Here it is, up close and personal.

You can almost see the bench that I sat on.  And you can definitely see the spots that the producers sat in.

Betcha didn't catch this one, though...

I was cold that day and a tiny bit jealous of these two producers ...

Look at the goofy girl in the giant blue coat and the huge red blanket.  What a dork.

Again, what a dork.

See, just a regular ol' movie set.

And then, part of MY house because extremely jealous.  THIS outdoor belonging of mine has decided to audition for the trip across North America.

I guess it'll fit up in my luggage rack ...

... if I had one.


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