Friday, February 3, 2017

in case you were wondering ...

 ... and I understand if you weren't, but this is the house where Janette (my new mom) was held captive in for nigh on one year.  It was rented to her captor (with bogus money, I'm sure) and in the captor's eyes, they lived as husband and wife.  Her little son lived there, too.

The captor (Lancey) only left her side once.  And the moment he drove his beautiful aqua blue '57 Belaire Chevrolet down that driveway and off the property, she took off with her son in tow and their little suitcase and all the pocket money she could find on Lancey's dresser top.

Here's a photo of the driveway that she watched him drive down.

You think she was scared?  I'll bet I've never known fear like that.  Ever.  Oh wait, I was a part of her at that time.  Still.

And below is the home that she ran to, begging the gentleman inside to drive her to the bus station.  Which he did.

And, the rest is history.

Until, that is, little Krissy gets a hold of the story and researches it to death.  Yep, there's more.

But you'll have to wait for the book to come out.  And no, I'm not writing it.  I'm not good enough to put my pen to this one.



Maria said...

Question! What happened to her son?? I am and have been so fascinated by your story and love that you share with us! I am most definitely one of those that does wonder!!

Kris said...

Janette's son (the one with the black eye) is still alive but wants nothing to do with me. He's a bit angry that his mother never told him about all of this. So, I haven't met him yet. If only he knew that quite a few people have asked about him!! By the way, stay tuned! There's more to the story that I can only put here... :) - Kris