Monday, April 3, 2017

all is right with the world

Just got a call from my dear, darling .... husband.  He had the strangest news.

He simply said, "Your keys and your driver's license were just found ... at Dickey's BBQ, in front of Kohls."   I looked around me and saw my keys.  I immediately said to him, "It's a scam.  I can see my keys."  He said, "Do you have your license?"  I checked.  I did.

"Rick, this is a scam.  I've got everything.  Plus ... how would I have gotten here, to work today, without my keys?"

We both stopped to think for a moment.


I have been missing a set of keys ... and my license FOR TWO YEARS.  I lost them IN MY HOUSE ... or so I thought.  And here they were ... at Dickey's BBQ, and they have been for two solid years?  What?  These people don't ever clean their restaurant?????

When I lost them, it was a Sunday after church.  I needed to return to church later in the evening and, of course, I couldn't find my blasted keys.  BUT I KNEW THEY WERE IN MY HOUSE, because IIIII was in my house and how else would I have gotten home??  Hmmmm????

I remember searching HIGH and LOW for those stupid keys ... because I was about to go out of town and yes, getting on a plane.  And you can't get on a plane without your driver's license, which was nowhere to be seen.  It was an awful time for me, it really was.  I couldn't fly to California the following week.

As it turned out, I had my passport, so I WAS able to fly away ... but I couldn't rent a car without my license.  I DID go to visit my daughter but I did a lot (A LOT) of illegal driving because I was license-less.  I had to use her car, but we made it work.  Good thing the police were not real alert that week.

So, fast forward to today.    I am now about to go pick up (and scold like you wouldn't believe) my keys and my license.

Maybe I'll even take a trip to California ... you know, because I can.

All is right with the world.  Well, at least all is unlocked.


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