Wednesday, April 5, 2017

not only ...

... were my keys found, but MY FLASH DRIVE was found on that key ring as well.  And it wasn't just the keys to my car (which I no longer have) but the key to my church (oops!) and the key to my condo (which I no longer have) but also MONEY!!!  I've got MONEY!

Okay, wait.  Where's the money?


My dad's screwdriver was there, too.  I sure missed that.  Okay, not really.

There were three other keys, too, that I haven't a clue what they go to.  The stupid "TILE" that I keep on my key ring was there ... you know, to help me find said keys when they go missing.  And ... my favorite key ring/fob/thingy was there.  The one I bought ... well, somewhere.  Who knows.  I've got it back now, though.  'Cuz it means so much to me?

And inside my formerly favorite Vera Bradley case was ... an expired car insurance card.  And a card to buy my book.  Yep, I only carry the best stuff around.

Hey!  My license is still good!  It hasn't expired.  I think I'll sell it, I could use the money, that I didn't even know was there ... that suddenly wasn't there.  Heck, I didn't even know where my keys were so how do I know if money that I didn't know I even had was even there?

Good thing I got that screw driver back, though.  'Cuz I've got a screw loose....

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