Friday, April 7, 2017

preparing ...

... to take a vacation this summer, I've been scouring AIR BNB to get us a room.  I have a rental property in Idaho that I rent out on AIR BNB but I've never actually stayed in a vacation rental home myself.  Not sure why.  Well, not sure why UNTIL I starting looking for properties, anyway.

First of all, we are snobs.  We need a certain type of room (BIG and FANCY) with a gorgeous view and twelve different restaurants on the property for our palate's choosing.

So, AIR BNB has never even crossed my mind ... never mind that I rent out on there myself.

But, I bit the bullet and pulled up a room that seemed to fit our needs.

I put in all of my criteria ...



A room, that was tailor-made just for us.

Um ...

I'm hearing circus music in my head.

are you freakin' kidding me?  


Even the little bathroom scared me. 

Ooh, this is cool.  Just hang your laundry right up there on the ceiling.  I'm tall, so it'll be easy to jump up and down to get them off that hanger-thingy.

Okay, so I saw a bathroom inside the circus tent ... but apparently it had no toilet?

No worries, the toilet was just a short jaunt outside, through a forest, past a house and into another building with shoppers?  Seriously?  Don't forget to lock the shop door when you're through ... 'cuz, you know, bears might get in.

This can all be yours for the very low price of $400/night.

No toilet, do your own laundry and hang it on the ceiling ... and watch circus animals all night long ... for $400/night.

Sounds good.  Book it!

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