Monday, May 15, 2017

annnnd ... she's off!

Just got word ... just got THEE word ... that all systems are go and my dear, darling daughter will be leaving for her training soon.

SOON.  Like in five days.  Like SURPRISE!   Like we didn't know ... but suddenly it's here and suddenly I'm a wreck.

Oh, I'm fine with her leaving ... but I HAVE A PARTY TO THROW!

Thanks for the notice, Elizabeth.

So, luau decor - CHECK
      Hawaiian Punch - CHECK
      leis for guests - CHECK
      luau dishes - CHECK
      front door wreath - CHECK
      fishnet decor for tables and walls - CHECK
      Hawaiian shirt .... coming.

So, did I forget anything?

F *  O  *  O  *  D  !!!!    Oh good grief.

Anyone know where I can get one of these real quick?

Image result for luau pig



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