Wednesday, May 17, 2017

takin' a break

Because our world just got crazy, I thought I'd show you something else going on in my life ... that makes preparing for a cruise ship job/water training/going away luau look like a piece of cake.

My rental property in Idaho keeps blowing up my phone.

Image result for phone on fire

No, literally.

Meet Shirley.  Shirley is not happy.  She doesn't like the furniture in the condo and called once or twice to let me know.  She also doesn't like the lack of patio furniture nor the lack of a view nor the blah, blah, blah.

Meet Sadie.  Sadie makes Shirley seem like a happy camper.

Sadie might not blow my text messages up as much as Shirley ... 
instead she likes to call me AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT.

Sadie can't get the TV to work.
Sadie doesn't understand Internet TV.
Sadie only understands ABC, CBS and NBC.

And the news.  Live news.

Sadie said:

Glad she's not a complainer.  Glad she knows I don't want to do whatever it is I do to get TV to the condo.  Glad Josiah has been so kind.

Who's Josiah?

FYI - Sadie has free internet and free Netflix and free Hulu, etc.  Even free CBS and News.

I wonder if Josiah could've mustered that!


I hate them both.

And I've decided to jump on Elizabeth's cruise ship and sail away with her.

Oh wait, water safety training is first ... I can't go to that.  'Cuz I'd drown Sadie.  And Shirley.

And Josiah.  Whoever he is.


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