Monday, May 22, 2017

whoosh ... whoosh .... whoo

One Kahle went one way ....
         One Kahle went the other way ...

              One Kahle stayed home.

One Kahle took a 5:00 AM flight on Sunday morning to Piney Point, Maryland.
One Kahle took a 7:00 AM flight on Sunday morning to Glendora, California.
One Kahle had to wake up to take them both to the airport.

One Kahle (okay, maybe all of them) is extremely tired today.  Even after a 2 hour nap after the airport journey.

B U T **** the Kahle that stayed home is enjoying the 'single girl life' once again!  She thrives on that.

I am gonna DO what I want, EAT what I want, SLEEP when I want and GO where I want.

So far, I've cleaned the living room and done three loads of laundry.

And eaten a bag of tortilla chips.

Yea, me!


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