Tuesday, May 23, 2017

wanna know something funny?

One of the Kahles ... well the one that flew to California ... lost his luggage.  He lost HIS OWN luggage.  Yep, he left it on the ground, outside the car, while he was getting in the car.  Left it, sitting right there on the sidewalk.

Not a big deal?  Wrong.

It had ALL of his meds for the week.

Could we get him some new meds?  Sure.  But that would've been easy.  The outcome of his little escapade was much more interesting.  And funny.    ??

An unattended bag ... at the airport ... is no laughing matter.  The surrounding area was closed and evacuated and the bomb squad was called in.  Seriously.  And to retrieve this bag ... I had to jump through so many hoops.  I feared that I was going to have to fly out there and beg, on my knees, to have my husband released from jail.

That didn't happen, fortunately.

Instead I had another single girl meal.  This time it was Tortino's pizza.  $1.50.   Yep, I was a big spender back then.


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