Friday, May 26, 2017

single girl ...

Here's what Kahle 1 has been doing while I've been single:

Meet my dear, darling firefighter.  Not your traditional firefighter, I admit, but still cute.
She appears to be missing an important part of the uniform, though.

Notice the water behind her?  I'm assuming that's where she'll get her water supply from ... if there's a real fire in camp.  Hey, it's convenient ...

Fire gear?  I guess.  Kind of looks like machine guns, if you ask me.   Hey, what kind of camp is this?

People waiting their turn to fight some fires?  Grab a gun, guys!

Liz and her friends went sent inside this makeshift house/hotel/building/store? to put out a fire and rescue a stray person who couldn't get out/find their money/pay their hotel bill/eat dinner? today.  Next time I'm shopping and can't get out ... I can notify Liz.  She can rescue me.

Super Girl Liz.  She killed a dummy.

Next up:  righting a raft.  Never should've wrong it in the first place, I'm thinking.

Flip it!  Flip it good, Liz!

Wanna see what a mock/makeshift cruise ship looks like?  
A lot like a makeshift/mock  hotel/store, if you ask me ...

I wonder if this thing can sail...

Here's another view:  I doubt this one can sail, either.

I see no portholes ... must all be inside cabins.

Here's our little fire-fightin' gal now.  

She passed her tests on water, under water and in the store.  

Fingers crossed that she can resuscitate Annie tomorrow.  Annie is a traditional dummy used in CPR classes.  Let's see if Liz is a traditional dummy as well.

Just kiddin' Liz!


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